About me

I create and tell your stories in the most personal and imaginative way through bespoke, handcrafted wedding and celebration cakes.

Challenge me: I can create cakes, cupcakes and beautiful baked displays for any occasion. I specialise in “small world” creations: cakes that depict little scenes in the minutest of personalised detail that you won’t see anywhere else. Take a look at my “Signature Style”. Sugar flowers are my other passion, and my highly-skilled wedding cakes are characterised by realistic, delicate blooms on classic, clean designs.

 You can tailor as many elements as you wish, or leave the story entirely up to me.

I am a mum of two and until launching my cake business, my education and career were in books. I simply see cake-making as another way to tell a bedtime story. Get in touch to start yours, I would love to hear from you.