Signature Collections

I have created four collections – each one showcasing elements I love that encapsulate my wedding style.

BRIDAL: texture and detail

PERSONALISED: bespoke, story-telling sugar work

FLORAL: realistic, meadows of sugar flowers

CANDLELIT: contrasting colour tones and the timelessness of sugar.


Created with @bribebyaster and @lushcurvebridal, this collection showcases the lace and tulle textures found in Surrey’s no.1 bridal boutique. Each flower and fabric is made from sugar.


Do you have a story to tell, a place you would like to picture, a scene you would like to recreate? Symbols of entwined heritage, pieces of pottery, sketches of wedding venues, chateaus, pets, gowns, doors……I have created them all in sugar to bring a uniquely personal love story to life.


Every single flower you see featured on my cakes is made from sugar. I work closely with florists to replicate your bouquets and button holes and love creating cascades and meadows of beautiful, realistic flowers that you can keep for long after your wedding day.


Twilight winter weddings warmed by a roaring fires recreated in darkly dramatic cakes and gold-flecked sugar flowers. I love working with florists to match your sugar flowers, but you don’t need to worry about the season when you create from sugar, and all your sugar work can be preserved as a keepsake of your day.